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Can Carpet Really Make a Room Look Larger?

My mother used to have a saying: “Just because you hear it, doesn’t mean you should believe it.”

That applies to a carpet installation! Contrary to what some people say, carpet is here to stay. It adds style to any decor, traditional or modern, and these days it comes in so many bold colors and patterns, you can create your own design statement!

It’s also as functional as it is beautiful, acting as insulation against noise. Today’s homes can be noisy, what with all the electrical devices, smart appliances and those voice-controlled interfaces like Alexa that actually “talk” to you! It also eliminates worry about hard falls, which is great for parents. Maybe best of all: It’s soft, warm and plush, so you never have to put feet on cold, hard surfaces on those chilly mornings when you get out of bed.

Some people also mistakenly think this floor covering will make a room seem small, but nothing is further from the truth. Select it carefully, and you’ll actually give the impression of a larger space.

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One of the greatest advantages is that you can use carpet to make a room look larger. We all wish for more space at times and, even if you can’t move, you can make it seem bigger.

Here’s how you can use carpet to make a room look bigger:

● Install wall-to-wall. It enlarges the look of a room by giving it continuity. Sometimes a flooring surface will create a visual “stop and start,” but no worries here because it just extends from, well, wall-to-wall.

● Use lighter, not necessarily white. We all know they open spaces and give a room an airy look, which can also make the room look lighter, but that doesn’t mean you need to go with a white carpet! There are plenty of lighter shades, and a carpet sales expert can help you find the right one.

● Choose pattern carefully: When choosing something to make your room look larger, also look at the amount of available floor space in the room. The standard guideline is “larger patterns for larger rooms,” but that isn’t quite true here. A room might be small, but also have little furniture; that means you can go with a larger pattern.

Come into Carpet Giant in Houston and let our flooring experts show you how to visually enlarge your space.