Luxury vinyl flooring from Carpet Giant in Houston, TX

Can luxury vinyl be steam cleaned?

Steam mops can be used on sheet vinyl flooring, but they can cause damage to luxury vinyl plank (LVP).  Steam mops are great innovations, making this chore fast and convenient.  How you use them, however, makes all the difference.

How do steam mops work?

It heats the water inside the mop until It becomes almost 250 degrees. It becomes a jet stream, soaking the mop pad which then loosens dirt. Since the water is so hot, dust mites and bacteria are killed.

Why do they create damage to planks and tiles?

Because the water can get in between the seams.  Even though luxury vinyl flooring is waterproof, it’s important to remember that water can seep through and loosen and overheat the adhesive, making the floor warp or bend.

The best way to clean these floors is with a microfiber mop or soft cloth; never use an abrasive scrubber because that can wear down the finish. You can make your non-toxic cleaning solution with one gallon of hot water and one cup of apple cider vinegar.  While you can use white wine vinegar, know that it is stronger than apple cider so you may want to use a little less.  If floors are grimy, put in a capful of dish detergent.

We love vinegar for these floors.  It is a strong acid that destroys the cells of bacteria also breaks sticky and messy substances, but won’t damage the vinyl.  Remember also that regular sweeping (daily, if possible) is a necessity, as dirt and embed and scratch.

What is vinyl plank?

It's an affordable, waterproof, and stylish alternative to genuine hardwood. Images are taken with 3D photography so they are vibrant and accurate.  You will see the knots and raised grains. For planks, strips of vinyl are cut, and then they are mounted on boards to mimic hardwood planks.

The floor is embossed to give depth and dimension.  Textured appearances, such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered and distressed, are available, as our matte, gloss and high gloss finishes. It also comes in square, groutable, tile-sized pieces; those seams can also be damaged by a steam mop.

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