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Can waterproof flooring be floating?

Can waterproof flooring be floating? That’s a great question, and one we intend to address right here. We’ll look at the characteristics of both and whether they can work together or not.

When considering this type of flooring, it’s best to have the facts, and we’re happy to provide them. We believe that the best flooring purchases are made when homeowners understand precisely what they are receiving, so let’s get started.

The details about your waterproof flooring

It seems as if waterproof materials are always trending, but floating floors are trendy as well. It only makes sense, if you’re searching for protection against water damage, that you would want to know if these materials can be floated as well.

You might ask, what are floating floors? These are flooring materials that can be installed featuring a click and lock installation system.

These pieces are joined together and clicked into place instead of utilizing the more common attachment methods such as glue, staples, or nails. That means your flooring actually “floats” over the subfloor instead of being directly attached.

Waterproof laminate offers an excellent line of floating flooring that is completely impervious to water. This composite wood isn't just a trend; it's also an ideal material for unique designs and décor matching variety that is also extremely durable to daily wear.

You’ll find that matching floated floors with complete protection against water damage is a great way to protect your home while still maintaining your high level of interior design. Choose from a wide variety of appearances and formats to create a perfect space for you and your family.

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