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Carpet: Don’t skimp on these things!

Let’s be clear: A soft surface is, and always will be, one of the most popular floorings for the home.

Our showroom staff knows that carpet sales are through the roof. It’s like anything else, the better you take care of it, the more beautiful it will look and the longer it will last.

That said, know that padding is important.

Padding should get the respect it deserves!

Think of it like this: We don’t give that much thought to asphalt do we? We can’t see it, but we know it keeps the road smooth and firm. When it wears out, the roads become bumpy, jostle us, and can even damage our cars.

It’s the same for the padding. The cushion protects the rug, giving it a solid foundation, keeping it free from wrinkles and rolls, and even helping to reduce noise.

Sometimes you’ll walk into a carpet store or department and they’ll just throw something in a bag and tells you it’s fine. It may not be, and the wrong padding can sometimes even hurt a rug.

Not all padding is right for every carpet installation. There are different weights (usually six to eight pounds) and various thicknesses. These depend upon the type of rug you select (for example, Berbers need thinner cushions) and amount of foot traffic; you might need a thinner cushion with a heavier weight.

Yes, you need professional deep cleaning

Even most manufacturer warranties stipulate that they should be deep cleaned periodically, or the warranty becomes void.

Here's why: Even if you vacuum every day, it will only remove the surface dirt. The good news is that the fibers will trap undesirable particles, such as food, insect fragments, and dust mites, but the bad news is that they'll just keep accumulating until they’re scrubbed out with deep cleaning.

If you let it accumulate, stains will set, and the rug will look dull and matted. It will always look a little dirty. Soil acts like little razor blades and can cut and fray threads. The trapped moisture will start the growth of mold and mildew, especially when combined with what mold sees as food, dirt.

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