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Nylon vs. polyester: what is the difference?

Nylon and polyester are traditional synthetic fibers that have served homeowners well for many decades. Originally, nylon was introduced to the marketplace as a substitute for more costly silk, while polyester was a substitute for wool. Both fibers are easy to clean and maintain. You can find a wide variety of carpeting at Carpet Giant, a carpet store in Houston, Texas. We provide a shop at home service, too.


Both nylon and polyester are petroleum-based fibers. However, there are environmentally friendly alternatives, especially for polyester carpets. These polyester brands are made with recycled plastic bottles, and like standard brands, they are inherently stain resistant. In contrast, nylon carpeting must be treated in the factory for stain resistance.


Nylon is the most durable synthetic fiber on the market, so it's not surprising that it has been the homeowner's favorite for decades. It's able to retain its original look years after installation because it is resilient. In other words, fibers are not crushed by footsteps or heavy items. Less resilient polyester performs best when it is installed in a low-traffic space.


Polyester carpet is available in a wide variety of vibrant colors, while nylon carpet usually has a more dull or matte finish. Its soft feel complements polyester's lustrous appearance. High-quality nylon carpet tends to be more costly than other synthetic materials. On the other hand, a polyester carpet is a budget-friendly option that offers good value for the money.

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