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Eco-Friendly Wool: Good for You, Good for the Environment!

An all-natural wool carpet installation comes along with several perks. But perhaps, one of the most interesting and appealing of these advantages is the fact that it is a healthy alternative; one that’s good for you and the environment. If you’re surprised with this statement, that’s entirely understandable. The vast majority of homeowners don’t realize how eco-friendly wool is, as well as a healthy, hygienic option for households that wish to have cleaner air and a more sanitary indoor environment.
A tad bit confused still? That’s okay. Our Carpet Giant showroom pros in Houston have come up with this article to go over the benefits of wool soft surfacing.
Wool – For a Healthier Indoor Environment
As we often tell people that visit our carpet store, wool is as natural as it comes. Thanks to the millions of adorable sheep that donate their winter ‘coats,’ people all over the world for thousands of centuries have stayed warm and cozy. And while you may not like having a wool carpet with a more sanitary home, this is actually the case. That’s because wool surfacing acts as a magnet for dust and other airborne contaminants, naturally drawing those microscopic pollutants from the air and into the fibers. In doing so, it keeps those contaminants trapped deep within the fibers, away from your sensitive nose and lungs, until they can be removed with deep cleaning. That’s also why we recommend households with allergy or asthma sufferers choose all-natural wool for their renovations.
Wool – For an Eco-Friendly Solution
Another thing we mention at our carpet warehouse is the fact that wool is a sustainable alternative when you’re in search of soft surfacing. For families that want to reduce their carbon footprint, or wish to look for carpet sales that limit processed materials, wool is indeed your best bet. Look at it this way: not only are you choosing a material that good for you and your family, but you’re also purchasing something that doesn’t overload Earth’s natural resources. It’s a win-win scenario!