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Five Advantages of a Carpet Installation

Although renovations are indeed exciting, they can also be stressful and overwhelming. Not only do you need you select materials that perfectly complement your home interior and style, but you also need to look into the future and consider which colors and designs will last for years to come. Luckily, at our Carpet Giant showroom in Houston, we have professionals on-hand that can help you figure out which surfacing may best suit your upcoming renovation. To answer a few of your questions about fiber flooring, our carpet store pros have compiled this helpful list of the top 6 advantages of soft surfacing:

1. Respiratory Health. Do you live with allergies or asthma? If so, fibers are a great way to remove airborne impurities from your home. As they become entrapped in the surfacing, they won’t stay in the air, at which point, you can simply come along and remove those troublemakers with deep cleaning.

2. Comfort. We dare you to find a material that’s more comfortable! At our carpet warehouse, it’s one of the main reasons why homeowners opt for fiber surfacing. But, not only does it provide a nice, cozy cushion underfoot, but did you know it’s also great for shock absorption? When it comes to standing, walking, and body mechanics in general, fibers offer less of an impact for your physical structure.

3. Safety. Another great advantage to soft surfacing is safety, as this underfoot option offers traction and doesn’t get slippery, something essential for people with mobility limitations like seniors and toddlers. While it does minimize the occurrence of slips, trips, and falls, if someone were to fall down, the fibers create a cushioned landing area.

4. Quiet. While sound can bounce off hard surfacing, it gets absorbed with soft fiber alternatives. Instead of an annoying echo, or the amplified sound of activity in the next room, you get peace and quiet.

5. Warmth. Interested in lower heating bills? Then, you’re looking for a surfacing material with insulating qualities; that’s fiber surfacing! At the end of the year when you see how much money you’ve saved, you’ll certainly be glad you picked the soft stuff!

Have more questions about carpet sales? Then, come on down to our Carpet Giant showroom, we’re here to answer them!