carpet installation

Five reasons to hire a professional carpet installer

We all love to save money but trying to DYI your carpet flooring can result in a lot of wasted time and money, as well as a subpar job.  Every material is different and, while you can DIY some others, such as carpet, require special skills and tools.

Protect your investment and hire a professional service.

It will:

  • Keep your carpet free of wrinkles, rolls, bumps and excess jutting against the walls.  That can be because of improper subfloor repair, the wrong padding, incorrect stretching or inaccurate measuring.

A professional will make sure the subfloor is even and will use both a stretcher and knee-kicker when necessary to keep the floors smooth.

In an ideal world, every room would be a perfect square, but there are moldings, baseboards, and closets with which to contend so accurate measurements are a must.

  • Protect your warranty.  Many manufacturers have clauses in their warranties stating exact specifications and requirements for carpet installation.  If not followed, a warranty can be voided and flooring damages, that are no fault of the homeowner, may not be covered.
  • Eliminate wasted material. When you try to DIY the installation, you might have to keep going over and over certain areas where there are mishaps. That often requires additional material and waste, not to mention time. A service can eliminate all that.
  • Make sure there are the right tools.  You’ll have to go out to buy stretchers, knee kickers and the like.  Since that’s what installers do for a living, they pay wholesale.  You’ll pay retail, and probably for something you’ll only use once.

It’s installed and beautiful, but how do you keep it that way?

Professional cleaning is a must.  We’re not just saying it, but the manufacturers are as well.  Many of them contain clauses that call for it during certain intervals.

First, it’s like anything else, the better you take care of it the better and longer it will last. Vacuuming only removes the surface dirt; the fibers need to be scrubbed and, if not done, stains can set.

Also, dirt can act like little razor blades to fray and cut fibers.

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