Houston City Council Looking to Turn Old Building into New

Houston City Council Looking to Turn Old Building into New

Houston building transformation At Carpet Giant, we enjoy hearing news of renovations to older buildings and homes in the Houston, TX area. There is something special about older buildings, and many of these structures may have years of future service. Such may be the case with vacant building located in the downtown area. Here is a part of this story:

“The Houston City Council on Tuesday gave approval for a feasibility study to transform a vacant downtown Houston building into an education center to further educational opportunities in Houston. The council okayed a $3,750 fee to study locating a center in an empty industrial building near Spruce and Walnut streets following a presentation by Ron Reed, city economic development director. The money will come from an economic development fund.”

Source: <a href="http://www.houstonherald.com/news/council-oks-feasibility-study-to-transform-building-downtown/article_9338af98-4389-11e6-ab1c-3fe9607a49f7.html">Council OKs feasibility study to transform building downtown</a> by staff writers.
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