Houston TX Facing Shortage of Skilled Tile Flooring Installers and Others

Houston TX Facing Shortage of Skilled Tile Flooring Installers and Others

tile installation in Houston, TX Across America, including Houston, TX, new home construction is slowing down because of a shortage of carpenters, electricians, carpet and tile flooring installers, plumbers, and just about any other construction trade. Many experts have been looking into this problem and their findings are somewhat surprising.

In a story presented by The Wall Street Journal, one Texas builder said that finding skilled workers was becoming harder and harder, and that this was causing delays in new homes being finished in a timely manner.

“Texas builder CastleRock Communities LP now needs an average of 155 days to complete a house, up from its historical average of about 115 days. Our flooring contractors are having a hard time finding enough guys to lay tile, said Lance Wright, a partner in CastleRock. Plumbing is three weeks out. Everything that used to be a three- to five-day lead time is now three weeks to 30 days out.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal, <a href="http://www.wsj.com/articles/labor-shortage-pinches-home-builders-1444688976?mod=pls_whats_news_us_business_f">Labor Shortage Pinches Home Builders</a> by Kris Hudson and Jeffrey Sparshott.
According to this story, there are more than 675,000 fewer construction workers than are need nationwide. This, of course, includes tile flooring installers who are needed for finishing off bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where ceramic tile is commonly used. These numbers represent only those who are building new homes in America. Even so, it makes one wonder where the skilled tradespeople have gone.

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