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Is a Wall-To-Wall Carpet Installation for You?

Want wall-to-wall carpet, but are a little concerned that you’ll get bored with seeing the same expansive single color day after day?

Or maybe you’re afraid the talk is true, that it will make your home seem dated. Or you won’t have the budget to remodel.

Let’s put those worries to rest, because it just takes a little ingenuity to stay up-to-date with design trends. Best of all, these ideas have no sticker shock.

And, admit it, it does have a lot of benefits. For one, it insulates, so you won’t be constantly hearing noise from your electronic devices, footsteps from the other rooms, and possibly noisy condo or townhouse neighbors. It’s also really nice to put feet down in the morning on a soft, plush surface.

Wall-to-wall carpet can also make a room look larger, because it has one unified line, rather than breaking up the space with stop-and-start area rugs.

Here’s how to make your wall-to-wall carpet be a fabulous addition to your home.

First, go to the Carpet Giant carpet store in Houston. The company has an amazing large stock of colors, patterns and textures. If you don’t see it in their showroom, you’ll find it in their big carpet warehouse.

To keep your home’s look up-to-date, use:

● Area rugs. No, we’re not contradicting ourselves when we just referred to them as “stop and start.” We’re talking about layering them over your wall-to-wall, not on the bare floor. Color is hot this year, and the ultra violet shade of purple was named “color of the year,” by global color authority, Pantone.
● Color. Play it up. Paint the walls, change up the upholstery with a few throw pillows, a blanket or a throw. We’re not saying to go out and buy new furniture, but these little things can really add some sparkle.
● Design distraction. That means to move the eye upward, using mirrors, art and other accessories. That way, you won’t be focusing on just the floor every day!
● Play up the texture. You know what? Savvy designers (expert and amateur) know how things like upholstery, wallpaper or even wood furniture can add texture. When you do that, you’ll also be playing up the texture of your floor.

Need more ideas? Go into the Carpet Giant showroom in Houston and let their carpet sales experts show you how to make your home shine.