List of Most Popular Texas Home Remodeling Projects Released

List of Most Popular Texas Home Remodeling Projects Released

hardwood flooring Have you ever wondered what other homeowners in Texas are spending their money on when they decide to do some type of home remodeling? Ever wonder if there are any trends or themes being used by other homeowners? Now, you have some answers. In a report released by the Texas Association of Realtors, some interesting information came to light about home remodeling, and why homeowners are opting for some types of improvements and ignoring others.

The report stated, in part:

“The most popular Texas home remodeling projects in 2015 were those that increased a home's sustainability, according to the Texas Remodel Valuation Report released today by the Texas Association of Realtors. The report analyzes the project recoup costs in 2015 for 30 different remodeling projects nationwide, in the West South Central U.S., and in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, McAllen and San Antonio.”

Source: <a href="">Energy-efficient, functional remodeling projects proved most profitable for Texas homeowners in 2015</a> by Staff.
The report went on to say that many Texas consumers are buying low-priced homes and spending to make improvements once they seal the deal. Improvements encompassed many things such as new cabinets, new flooring installation, electrical upgrades, and energy conservation improvements such as increased insulation.

One of the main reasons why more people are buying low-priced homes and fixing them up later is that this allows them to create their own personalized space. They can opt for their own style of cabinets, choose their own flooring installation, select their own paint and wallpaper, etc. In other words, by doing their own improvements, they can get exactly what they want when they want it, and pay within their budgets on items that they can shop for themselves.

Of particular interest to all homeowners in the Houston area is the fact that buying new flooring is one of the most affordable ways to improve a home, anytime of the year. With new flooring installation, homeowners can change the look and feel of any room in the house (or business), choosing from a broad range of flooring products such as new carpet, hardwood flooring, tile, or vinyl, to name a few. With a new flooring installation, homeowners can enjoy the new flooring while, at the same time, adding market resale value to their home or property.

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