Looking for a Home with Acreage in Houston, Texas?

Looking for a Home with Acreage in Houston, Texas?

Houston home If you are the type of person that needs wide open spaces for your living environment, and you live in Houston Texas, this article is just for you! For a home that gives privacy and plenty of room to roam, take a look at these homes. Although the price tag on some of these homes is out of sight, it’s always nice to dream. This is only the first part of this story:

“Looking for a home that offers lots of room? Specifically, are you looking for a home with acreage that's more than a home sitting on a small plot of land? You deserve more, and Patch and realtor.com are ready to step up to the plate and help you find that home with plenty of space for entertaining, or whatever else that you want. Our first stop is Sugar Land...”

Source: www.patch.com
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