Luxury vinyl flooring: Cleaning FAQs

Luxury vinyl flooring: Cleaning FAQs

Luxury vinyl flooring has it all: high-end style, affordability, durability, low maintenance, and easy installation.

One of the things people especially love most is the low maintenance. We all lead busy lives, and no one has time (or desire) to scrub floors.

Like anything else, it needs a little TLC periodically. So, here are answers to some frequently asked questions about cleaning luxury vinyl flooring.

Why is it necessary to develop a routine?

When you have a schedule, nothing gets forgotten. It becomes automatic, like turning off the lights before you sleep!

How often should I sweep?

Every day. The LVT or vinyl plank flooring can be scratched by sharp sand and dirt.

It can also embed between the pieces, so remove it as much as possible. It also makes cleaning easier–Have you ever tried scrubbing a pitted (embedded) floor?

Can I use a steam cleaner on luxury vinyl floors?

No. They use intense heat and moisture that can ultimately damage the luxury vinyl flooring.

Is any cleaning substance okay?

It should be manufacturer-approved; you can find a list in your warranty or on the manufacturer's website.

I need more shine–are waxy, shine-promoting cleaners okay?

No. Although you want to keep your luxury vinyl in Houston shiny, those products can damage the finish and dull the floors.

If you need more shine, try adding a drop of baby oil to your cleaning mixture–or seek the advice of a flooring professional.

How do I remove stains?

Most stains can be removed with a baking soda/water paste. Other stains can be removed with WD-40 (scuff marks), isopropyl alcohol, or nail polish remover (crayons and markers). 

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