Maintaining your Wood Floor

Maintaining your Wood Floor

hardwood flooring in houston, texas You have finally found the wood flooring you have been looking for and you couldn’t be happier with the way it has turned out! Now you want to make sure you maintain them properly to keep them looking glossy and brand new for the years to come. Worry not for there and many solutions to maintain your wood floors shiny new finish without costing you an arm and a leg!

The first step to keeping your wood floors in the best condition possible is to know which areas of your home are the high traffic areas (i.e. kitchens, playrooms etc.) because these areas are going to require more care. Expect to re coat your kitchen every two to four years and the rest of your home every five to ten years if you want it to look like it did the day you got it. When doing this project yourself it is important that you sand the finish off before you apply, but be careful not to scuff the wood beneath! Follow that up with a really thorough cleaning to get rid of any dirt or dust that was left behind. This is a very important part of the process and skipping it will guarantee that your finish won’t stick!

In fact, you may want to discuss refinishing and repairing wood floors with your local flooring dealer to discuss the process of getting it done professionally.

Even the most expensive and high quality floors are going to end up with scratches, it is inevitable. Don’t let that get you down for there is an easy way to fix those scratches that is simple and can be done by you in no time at all! Try not to get caught up on the minor scratches and focus on the deeper ones. Following the directions provided with the floor finish, just apply as many coats necessary to the scratches with a paint brush and you’re all done! It’s that easy!

Don’t just clean your floor with any household cleaner. You can find a concentrated wood wash for a great price that will clean and not damage your floors over time. Use a damp mop with the solution then use a dry rag to buff the floor clean to get a streak free floor!