March 2 Marks 181 Years Since Texas Declared Independence 

March 2 Marks 181 Years Since Texas Declared Independence 

tile installation - Houston, Texas At Carpet Giant in Houston, TX, we like remembering our history. We also like the whole idea of independence and freedom. For us, being able to own your own home is one of the most significant acts of freedom and independence any person can make these days. We read recently about an historic act that will be marked in a few days. Here is the first part of this story as told in a local editorial:

“The other states just don’t get it. But 181 years ago, a group of men gathered in a Texas town called Washington-on-the-Brazos to adopt a Declaration of Independence. Modeled on the United States Declaration, the document chides the Mexican military dictatorship under Gen. Santa Anna.”

The story continues with the declaration itself, which is interesting reading if you have not read it in the past. We encourage all residents to take a look at it, and to pass it along, especially to younger people who may not have a clue about this bit of state history.

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