New Info on Home-buying Vs. Renting Costs in Houston

New Info on Home-buying Vs. Renting Costs in Houston

home sold in Houston, TX Have you ever wondered what the numbers were for buying a home in Houston as compared to renting? If so, you will be interested in a new study that has just been released detailing that exact question. Some of the conclusions may be surprising, and some will be confirmation of already held beliefs. One issue that might surprise you is the conclusion that while higher home prices are a good indicator of local markets, they may also have a down-side in the long run. Here is the beginning of that story:

“As a whole, the U.S. saw an overall housing market appreciation of $1.6 trillion in 2016. That's a 5.7-percent growth, real estate research firm Zillow reports. Several major metros have more than recovered from the height of the housing bubble, but the majority of the country's biggest markets, about 60 percent, are still "below the maximum values reached during the bubble years."

Here at Carpet Giant in Houston, we have noticed an increase in customers who come in looking for new flooring and flooring installation services for homes that they have recently purchased. We have also, we should say, noticed that many homeowners in our area are opting to stay in their current homes, and to further invest in those homes rather than get into the buying market.

We are very pleased that we are able to help both of these types of customers with our huge selection of fine flooring and our top-notch flooring installation services. Just as a reminder, we would like to say that these two components to flooring go together, or at least they should.

When you buy new flooring for your home, regardless of the type of flooring system, you, of course, want expert installation of that flooring. We have some of the finest and most experienced flooring installers in all of Houston, and they are very skilled at installing any type of flooring, from carpet to hardwood, and everything in-between. They know what to do and how to do it. This high-level of professionalism means that our customers always get the best results possible. No exceptions.

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