Quality Flooring Installation Requires Quality Professionals

Quality Flooring Installation Requires Quality Professionals

hardwood flooring installation Houston There are some jobs that robots will never take from humans, and one of those is flooring installation. In order to install a new flooring system to a high degree of excellence, quality people are needed to do the work. This is a simple fact, and there are no short-cuts that we know of here at Carpet Giant that would change that fact. Here are few things consumers should know about flooring installation services if they want the best results with their new floors.

To begin with, and this is often overlooked, each type of flooring has its own installation requirements. Knowing how to install carpet, for instance, does not automatically mean that the installers know how to install laminate or hardwood flooring. In some smaller companies, the installers may not have the skills and expertise to install all types of flooring. At Carpet Giant, we do.

All of our flooring installation teams have been well trained in all aspects of their work, according to each type of flooring. What this means is that each installer has been trained to install carpet, tile, laminate, hardwood, and vinyl flooring. When we have new hires, they work with seasoned professionals in order to improve their skills. They are supervised and educated in all the many issues associated with flooring installations.

In addition, we also keep abreast of all the current flooring installation news that comes out from each manufacturer. While this may not seem like a big deal, it actually is. All flooring warranties include a clause that basically says that their flooring product must be installed to their requirements, if one does not want to void the warranty. This means that your new flooring must be installed correctly if you want to keep your warranty intact. Our teams know these requirements and they follow them. We never put your warranty at risk by taking short-cuts, or doing shoddy work.

Before you allow anyone else to install your new flooring, come and see us at Carpet Giant in Houston. We can answer any questions that you may have about quality, professional flooring installation, and we can even install your new flooring for you.