Saving Old Houston Cottage Becomes Reality

Saving Old Houston Cottage Becomes Reality

tile flooring in Houston, TX When it comes to renovating a truly old house in Houston, many things have to be considered. What to keep and what to toss is always at the top of the list for such things as old tile flooring or old hardwood flooring. Should you try to restore that flooring or would it make more sense to bring in new tile flooring and new hardwood floors? This is not always an easy question to answer, and consider, too, that this line of thinking has to apply to just about everything in the house from plumbing in the cellar to shingles on the roof.

In some cases, such as the one that follows, the owners opted for a totally new design and purpose for the structure. This can be costly, especially if the structure has to be moved...physically, moved, tile flooring and all!

An online story recently appeared about how one couple tackled this problem and the results that they were able to achieve.

“Kinneymorrow Architecture restored and renovated an 1880's home in Houston's Sixth Ward, transforming it into the firm's new office. In a nest of modest, shotgun-style wooden homes built during the tail end of the 19th century, Houston's Old Sixth Ward stands as one of the sprawling Texas city's most important preservation districts...The end result, a sleek update of a 700-square-foot cottage...and a less-is-more approach to renovation and preservation.”

Source: Curbed, <a href="">Tiny Shotgun Home in Houston Becomes Stylish Office Space</a> by Patrick Sisson.
While this may be a special case, there are many homeowners in the Houston, TX area who would like to make improvements on their homes. One of the better options in terms of cost outlay is to have new tile flooring installed. Not only does tile flooring give a room a new, fresh look, but it also adds to the value of the home. And, nothing feels better than having a new flooring system for the whole family to enjoy.

Tile flooring is now available in a huge range of colors, patterns, motifs, and themes. Homeowners can even find very high-quality tile flooring that looks like hardwood flooring or natural stone flooring. High-quality tile flooring is also very durable these days; it is not what it used to be, to be sure.

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