carpet installation

The dos and don’ts of choosing carpet

There’s no doubt about it, picking the right carpet installation can be downright stressful. With countless colors, patterns, and styles to choose from, there’s also endless decisions to make. The key to making this whole ordeal less overwhelming is finding an honest, reliable carpet store with knowledgeable, experienced professionals on-site. These experts will be able to simplify carpet sales for you, narrowing down what would best suit your makeover project. Check out the following advice from our Carpet Giant showroom experts in Houston, TX highlighting the dos and don’ts of choosing carpet.

Big box chain verses local carpet warehouse
Don’t assume your best option will be a big box chain or an online megastore. They normally spend tons of bucks on advertisement geared towards convincing you they’re the most knowledgeable or least expensive – but that’s not necessarily the truth. Before you buy, visit your local flooring professionals, who will often give you a very personalized, positive service and carry an excellent array of quality yet affordable options in-store.

Feeling comfortable? Walk away!
Not comfortable with your purchase? Feeling uneasy with your salesperson? Then, don’t even second-guess it, just walk away. If someone is trying to push you into buying flooring that you’re not completely happy with, then consider going elsewhere – they may be thinking of commission as opposed to your best interest!

Learn the pros and cons of different styles
While there is a wide array of choices out there, make sure to decide on a style that works for you. A flooring expert will be able to easily simplify the pros and cons of any material, so you can figure out what works and what doesn’t for your renovation.

Appearance is important – but not the only factor
Appearance is indeed essential – but it shouldn’t be the only factor when picking surfacing. Get the details on your preferred floors to get a good understanding of its construction. That way you’ll be able to get a sense of what to expect, how it’ll hold up to dirt and stains, and how long it’ll last.

Say ‘yes’ to samples
Samples are a true godsend! You bring them home, check them in different lighting conditions, see how it looks in this corner and in that corner. Your sample may not even look the same as it did in the store.

Say ‘no’ to impulse buying
If you’re not 100% confident about your purchase, forget it or you may regret it. Do the necessary research to clarify what floors would be ideal for your household before you make the final decision.