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Three Surprising Benefits of a New Carpet Installation

Here at the Carpet Giant carpet warehouse, we get a lot of questions from people who are trying to decide which type of flooring would be best for their homes. Oftentimes, they would like to know how a given floor covering will improve their home and quality of life. So, we thought it might be a good idea to provide a little information to our clients about the flooring material that people ask about most: Carpeting.

Here are the three major benefits of this extremely versatile floor covering.

1. Design Flexibility

The floors of your home are one of the most visually dominant and continuous design element of your home. They act as an anchor point to which all other decorative elements are set, and act as a visual transition from one room to the next. This means that choosing the right style of flooring is crucial to tying your home's decor together with success.

Of all of the flooring materials out there on the market, carpeting easily offers the widest variety of designs, textures, and colors. This means it is also one of the easiest floor coverings to act as an anchor for the various other design elements of your home.

2. Better Air Quality

The effect that carpeting has on allergy sufferers, or people with other respiratory issues, has been a rather heated debate for a long time now. Depending upon who you asked, people with respiratory ailments were told to either rip up their carpet immediately, or alternatively, to nix their hard-surface flooring in favor of new carpeting.

That's why many carpet stores rejoiced when recent studies came out that completely exonerated carpeting, and even showed it to be beneficial to respiratory health in general.

3. Safety

Carpeting is a popular choice among homeowners with children or aging family members who are at risk of slip and fall accidents. Carpeting offers a higher degree of traction, which helps prevent falling accidents in the first place, as well as cushioning the blow of a fall in the event that one should occur.

Want to Learn More?

If you are in the market for a new floor covering, and you think carpeting might be right for you, Carpet Giant would love to help! Our experienced staff of flooring experts is always on hand to answer any questions that you might have, and help you to find the best floor covering for you and your family. We also offer frequent carpet sales to help you get the plush floor you want, at a price that won't break the bank!

So, why not call, email, or stop by our showroom in Houston to have a look around, and find out more about what carpet can do for you? We hope to hear from you soon!