hardwood flooring installation

Too Much? Not Enough? How Much Hardwood to Purchase for a Flooring Installation?

Like it or not, you'll end up with extra hardwood pieces after a flooring installation job. Regardless of the renovation project, you'll need to calculate the amount of material you'll require, but also add more to that final tally in the event of mistakes or imperfections. The last thing you want is to run out of flooring installation materials smack in the middle of a job, because you didn't consider that bizarrely shaped reading nook might be a problem. What could be worse than that? Finding out that your particular flooring is on back order, and will take a month to arrive. Ouch!

Extra Materials for a Stress-Free Flooring Installation
When it comes to home redesigns, you must accept that a "just in case" amount is necessary. Depending upon your flooring type and the flooring store, you may be able to return your extra hardwood, assuming it's not a custom order. Think of it this way: When you purchase that special shade of paint for your toddler's bedroom, and end up with an additional can, you can't return it because it's a custom color. Unfortunately, you're stuck with it. In any redesign project, always assume you'll have to buy more than you truly need, if you want to make sure your renovation runs smoothly, that is!

What if I Hire Flooring Installation Professionals?
In the end, the knowledge, skill, and experience of your installation team will save you extra costs. Think of your newly unpackaged hardwood floors as one massive puzzle. Now, who better to piece that gorgeous (quite possibly, expensive) hardwood floor together than the flooring pros? They do flooring installation contracts day in and day out, and, coupled with their patience, they know how to fit those slats together perfectly, and even use up those odd cut-offs, to reduce waste.

How Much Should I Order for a Flooring Installation?
Essentially, you'll want to buy 20% more than your calculated hardwood needs, just to play it safe. The truth is, even though that flooring is brand new and straight out of the box, you'll end up with some unusable slats as well as pieces that have been cut to adjust for required sizing, but are now oddly shaped. At our Carpet Giant showroom in Houston, we can lower your waste numbers by helping you find a well-known, professional flooring installation crew.