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What are the hottest colors in luxury vinyl flooring?

The hottest colors for luxury vinyl flooring are the same trends in home decor. Right now, popular hues are earthy neutrals, subtle botanicals, such as sage, and anything that reminds us of natural phenomenons such as sun, sky, ocean, lake, and sand.

This goes along with the current hot trend of rustic style, which is associated with green, brown, gray, and other autumn hues. Color is also an expression of style and your overall interior design plan. For example, if you gravitate toward the airy, open, ample space so popular today, you might want light-colored planks while you prefer traditional, you might go with darker shades.

Luxury vinyl follows industry trends

Luxury vinyl
offers nature-inspired, true-to-life images of wood, stone, and tile, with hundreds of photos from which to choose, all taken with high-definition photography. Representations are clear, accurate, and vibrant with pop colors and micro beveling and embossing that add depth, dimension, and textured looks.

All of this means you can get gray or whitewashed floors; stone looks, such as marble, granite, quartz, travertine, terrazzo, and limestone, and ceramic tile colors with chevron, herringbone, geometric and encaustic patterns, and more.

Tips on choosing a color for your home

Always keep these in mind:

1.  Consider your overall decor. While colors, patterns, and textures don't need to match precisely, we discourage that; they need to harmonize well. Your home should have a cohesive look, not be a confusing jumble.
2.  Consider your goals. Do you want the room to be large and airy, contemporary, traditional? Color is one element to achieve your look. For example, traditional styles come from centuries of European and American decor and work best with darker or medium-toned planks and primary colors such as red, blue, and yellow.
3.  Look for balance. An example would include areas with bold colors and patterns where you might want to add some subtle shades.
4. Invest in a color wheel. They’re about $20 in hardware stores and will help you see what colors work well together.

When choosing luxury vinyl in Houston

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