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What if my carpet gets wet?

At Carpet Giant, we believe that a store should be about more than just selling product. It needs to be a place where consumers can get expert answers to their questions, whether it’s about carpet, or any other flooring.

While sales are through the roof, carpet is, after all, one of the most popular flooring types, one of the biggest concerns our staff hears is about the Houston weather, such as “Is it just too hot to have it?”

The answer to that question is “NO;” it’s a good insulator, so it will hold on to that room’s feeling.
What about those tropical storms?

We know that Houston is no stranger to storms, and the biggest concern will be preventing mold and mildew from growing. It only takes 12 hours to start, and that can wreak havoc on your home.

So do this if the carpet gets wet:

First, don’t assume it’s not wet, just because you can’t see moisture. It could be that it seeped down to the padding, so give it a once-over with a wet vacuum anyway. They are easy to rent from a hardware store. While you’re at it, get rid of the padding; it can harbor too much moisture, so it’s easier to just replace it, rather than trying to dry it.

Remove furniture. This may seem silly, but there is a good reason to do this. Not only does mold rely on water to grow, but it also needs “food.” That can be anything, even bacteria, dirt and wood. Wet furniture can be “food.” Don’t forget to scrub the other areas, such as walls and baseboards, either.

This is a great time to get a professional steam-cleaning for your rug, even if you recently did it. It removes toxins, bacteria and dirt from deep within the fibers, all of which is mold “food.”

Let the air in! Open windows unless, of course, it’s rainy and humid. Use fans and dehumidifiers, even if you think your rug might be dry.

Need other advice? Feel free to come into the Carpet Giant showroom to speak to one of our experts. While you’re there, don’t forget to ask about our extensive carpet warehouse!