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What is the Best Carpet for a Basement Flooring Installation?

Once you've set your heart on carpeting for your basement flooring installation, it can be difficult to figure which type would best suit your home. The truth is, once you've dismissed the possibility of water issues in the basement, some carpeting types are indeed more ideal than others. At Carpet Giant, our friendly, knowledgeable on-site flooring experts can help you figure out which carpeting should be gracing the floors of your basement.

What Makes a Carpet Ideal for a Basement Flooring Installation?
Manufactured Carpet Material: Typically, you're better off using man-made carpeting materials, as they're better equipped to withstand humid environments. For instance, organic wool carpets do not fare well in moisture-prone areas like basements. That's why we recommend chemically-treated manufactured materials, such as polyester, nylon, and Olefin (polypropylene) as they have a low rate of moisture absorption.

Carpet Cut and Pile: Carpet is available in various fiber loop styles for different appearances and effects. Usually, we suggest a cut pile carpet for basement renos since it is highly-durable and, if need be, an easy fiber type to dry out should contact with water occur.

Carpet Pile Height: In the event of a water issue in the basement, you'll want a pile type that's simple to clean and dry. The rule of thumb is, the lower the carpet pile, the less time it will take to dry the carpet. When it comes down to it, you'll want to stay away from thicker, taller piles.

Waterproof Carpet Options: Yes, there is such a thing as waterproof carpets. Although the material itself is not naturally waterproof, chemical treatments and water-resistant backing classify some carpet types as waterproof.

Carpet Tiles: To eliminate the need to pull up carpeting in the event of major water damage, homeowners can choose carpet tiles. With tiles, you can remove the damaged sections and replace those specific parts. Now, that's pretty amazing!

Do you need to renovate your basement, but have no clue where to start? Lucky for you, our Carpet Giant pros are standing by to talk you through the rigmarole of home renovations. For more information on ideal basement covering, stop by our Houston showroom and find out what you'll need for your next flooring installation.