Waterproof flooring from Carpet Giant in Houston, TX

What is waterproof flooring made of?

Waterproof flooring brings not only the amazing peace of mind that comes with knowing you are completely protected against water damage. It also brings stunning beauty, fantastic durability, and a lifespan that can give you up to fifty years or more with proper care and maintenance.

If you’ve been considering this floor covering for your home, you’re in good company. But we also know you have a lot of questions. One question we’re often asked is, what is waterproof flooring made of?

We want to take the time to answer that question for you here today. Read along to find out more.

Waterproof materials and more

There are a variety of waterproof materials you can use to floor your home. Tile and all-natural stone are two great options, but today, we’re going to focus on waterproof vinyl.

These materials start with an underlayment or backing that is usually made up of foam or cork in wood plastic composite (WPC) materials, with a core made of wood pulp and plastic components for excellent water resistance.

With stone plastic composite, the composition is much the same; however, instead of wood products, stone dust is utilized in its place. It’s rigid, durable, and you’ll never have to go through an acclimation process.

For a floor covering that can easily withstand a flood, you’ll need a product that has a 100% vinyl core. You’ll still get the same beauty and excellent durability, but you’ll be able to rest assured that no form of water damage will ever occur with these floors in place.

Regardless of the backing and core materials, luxury vinyl features a beautiful image layer that often mimics real stone, tile, or hardwood. It also has a wear layer that helps fight wear and tear for years to come.

A waterproof flooring retailer you can trust

Carpet Giant is a waterproof flooring retailer that takes great pride in providing homeowners with materials that genuinely meet their needs. From our Houston, TX showroom, we proudly serve residents from Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, The Woodlands, and Clear Lake, TX. If you’re ready to find the perfect match for your needs and preferences, be sure to visit us when you’re in the area.