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Why carpet works for even high traffic areas

Those looking for a floor covering for their most highly traveled spaces rarely think to look at carpet first. In fact, for many, it may not even be an option at all, especially if you’ve not experienced this flooring in the last several years.

Lots of things have changed in the manufacturing of this material, and you will be amazed to find, it can be a perfect fit for even the busiest rooms in your home. Be sure to ask about all the benefits you can take advantage of when you browse this product line.

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Choosing a carpet that suits your needs

Every homeowner has spaces in their home that see extensive levels of high traffic. For some, it’s the living room or kid’s rooms, and hallways are always well-traveled. Carpet is almost always overlooked for these spaces for fear of permanent stains, dinginess, and a reduced lifespan.

The good news is that manufacturers have made this material more suitable than ever for just these spaces. The SmartStrand line by Mohawk, for instance, offers luxurious softness mixed with stain and crush resistance that’s worthy of all your high-traffic areas.

Many brands build stain resistance into the carpet fibers themselves, so you can never wash this protection out, even with commercial cleaning. It also makes spot cleaning easier and faster, leaving you with remarkable results.

In addition to the various protective measures that are now in place, you can also choose a fiber that’s made for heavy traffic. Nylon and polyester are excellent choices and offer wonderful options in both solid colors and patterns.