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The excitement of laminate flooring

There’s something magical about a new floor covering, and laminate is one that offers true variety in options and benefits. You’ll get the same stunning beauty and elegance as you would get from solid hardwood flooring. At the same time, you get amazing benefits, functionality, and affordability, all rolled into this one amazing product. Better still, it works just as well in the bedroom as it does in the living room or kitchen. True versatility makes this product well worth the time to check out.

At Carpet Giant, we serve the areas of Houston, Sugarland, Katy, and The Woodlands, all from our showroom located in Houston, TX. We invite you to visit us there, where we house a massive selection of flooring in all the latest trends. However, you can also allow us to bring that showroom to you, with our mobile services. We will bring all the samples you need, along with amazing color choices and options, and offer you an in-home quote before we leave. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

Laminate flooring for every room

As most homeowners already know, laminate provides the timeless sophistication you get with solid wood flooring, while offering great variety in functionality as well. In addition to those remarkable good looks fitting in with just about any decor motif, you’ll also experience wonderful durability in even the busiest of households. Manufactured for this very kind of performance, you’ll quickly come to love it in every room of your home.

Durability shows throughout the entirety of this product, from the backing layer, core, design layer, and protective wear top coat. You’ll experience stability that’s hard to beat, while the addition of underlayment offers the feel of resilient flooring. Underlayment is also an excellent choice for a comfortable space to stand for longer periods of time, and for a greater amount of noise reduction in the home.

The click and lock installation system means your floors will go down with ease and stay comfortably locked together throughout their lifetime. While it is one of the easier flooring products to install, we do advise a professional installation. After your long, hard search for the perfect floor covering, you deserve to be pampered. But you also deserve the peace of mind that comes with a job backed by our service standards. You pick the flooring and amazing options and we’ll install it to sheer perfection.

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